Most of the apps on the fun websites we’ve written about here are free to use, but some might need installation or a registration. All you need to do is upload pics and start making avatars.

Face Your Manga

This is one of the best websites to make a cartoon version of your photos. Apart from creating your own avatar, you can choose popular ones that are fully customizable. You could adopt the opposite approach, making your face out of a ready cartoonized one.

Portrait Illustration Maker

Our second choice is a free cartoon avatar generator. It will generate avatars automatically and randomly after you press the “Randomizer” button. The site can modify avatars manually as well.

Moron Face

Our aptly named third choice is perfect for those who don’t like the way they look. Some of us love making funny-looking images of ourselves in an effort to go against the grain. Moron Face is a great place to get creative with your own inadequacies and imperfections.


This site is perfect for those who enjoy tinkering with photos on a creative whim. You can make almost anything you want here. All that’s expected of you is that you provide a digital image. With the help of Be Funky’s tools, the rest is up to your beautiful mind. See if you can outdo even yourself!

Cartoon Photo

Cartoon Photo is one of the main providers in the field of avatar-making because it has been doing what it does the longest of them all. On this site, you can cartoonise any setting or photo within seconds. All you need to do is to upload a pic of yours.

Dude Factory

This site is great for all those who want an avatar that will make them look respectable. Dude allows you to make your own avatar with moods of different kinds. There’s also a wide variety of body parts and outfits to choose from.


Cartoonize is 100% focused on creating creative cartoon versions of people. For the lump sum of nothing at all, the site will transform your online photos into cartoon characters.


“Doppel” means “double” in German. So that’s a “double of you.” What can you do on this site? People use it to make a neat graphical likeness of themselves, relatives, or friends.

Build Your Wild Self

Last but not least, this site allows users to make weird avatars with a combination of a photo and unconventional body parts of animals, birds, even insects.